My name is Paul Klump, born and raised in upstate NY, but now living in NJ. I pay the bills as an IT professional, but it's only as of 2016 that I've decided to set up a blog. I know I'm blowing a hole in my nerd cred, but there wasn't much I wanted to share with the outside world up until recently. Now I just wanted a place to record the thoughts in my head on topics like technology, music, fitness, religion, politics, life, etc while learning about blogging/CMS/markup languages, and other web technologies.


I've kept most of my web/social media presence on the DL, but here are my more public expressions on the Internet:

  • Twitter — a good way to make contact
  • GitHub — not much there now, but as time goes on, you never know...
  • Discogs seller's page — I've been pairing down my record collection. Do us both a favor, and take some records off of my hands
  • Last.FM — want to know what music I've been listening to? Here's a good place to start
  • WFMU — just the best damn independent radio station on planet Earth. If I'm awake, I'm usually listening either OTA or OTW.